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Sales Introduction Video: (5 min)

GoGirl is one of many FUD’s (Female Urination Devices) on the market today.  
Many women tell us GoGirl is better because it’s the only product made of
 Medical Grade Silicone and consequently seals better to the body.

We hope your women customers are as excited about GoGirl as our other
 customers. It’s not for all women, but if you travel, camp, ski, hunt, boat
, etc. you will love GoGirl!  GoGirl is also very helpful for women after knee, hip or back surgery.  There are countless women and needs for GoGirl.

We hear from women all over the world who tell us of the potential for 
GoGirl. Providing women this convenience makes so much sense. GoGirl allows 
women the option of standing up when confronted with nasty or non-existent 
bathrooms.  No more dropping pants to dirty floors and hovering over gross
 facilities. GoGirl is a must for all international travel.  Over 2/3 of the 
world uses a hole in the ground for a bathroom.  It’s also perfect for
 women in the military, policewomen, firefighters, missionary trip participants 
and active women of all types.

Selling Features:

  • Designed to allow the convenience of standing up to go to the
    With a little practice a woman can unzip her 
fly and use without removing her pants.
  • It’s the only FUD made of Medical Grade Silicone (hypoallergenic).
  • Better Design – Silicone forms to the body to create a seal.
  • Reusable – Hygienic – Discreet

Advise Women how to hold

It’s important to advise women on how to hold the product to create a complete seal. We often suggest that women try GoGirl at home in the shower the first time because it is a unique experience and they need to master their technique. Customer feedback consistently tells us GoGirl is much easier to use and more effective than other FUD’s, but we’ll let your customers be the judge. We want to make sure your customer has a good experience.

Not A Collection Device:

GoGirl is not a collection product.  It works like a funnel. Some other products are designed to collect urine in a container. The baggie is included for storage of the product after use, but some women have asked if they should pee in the bag. Please don’t!

Men Selling GoGirl:

Of course men can sell GoGirl, but the reality is that most women feel more comfortable talking to a woman about a product like this.  We suggest men involved in retail selling be aware of this and allow women to discuss GoGirl with women when possible.

ReUsable & Environmentally Friendly:

GoGirl is made of medical grade silicone and can be used 100’s of times. It’s so tough it can be boiled in water. Some women have even told us they have run them through the dishwasher. GoGirl is environmentally friendly because it is re-usable and can last a lifetime. It’s easy to clean and re-insert in the 
tube for future use.

How Clean and Re-insert in the Tube:

  • Wash with a little soap and water and shake dry.
  • Fold the storage baggie in half with a fresh tissue in the fold.
  • Fold the product onto itself and roll in baggie (like a sleeping bag)
  • Insert in tube and replace the cap.
  • Direct your customers to visit the “HOW DO I USE IT” section at

Thanks and have fun selling GoGirl!