Our Story

In the beginning GoGirl was just an idea to help a patient. Now, GoGirl can be found around the world!

The concept of GoGirl was created by a Minnesota Native and Medical Doctor to help a disabled family member “go” to the bathroom independently and avoid invasive alternatives post-surgery. Several years later after research and development, GoGirl was officially launched at the Minnesota State Fair in 2009. More than 40,000 units were sold that week. Within two years, GoGirl became a hit product around the world, selling in 50+ countries. 

Our mission is to help you and empower you through life’s greatest adventures. Whether that adventure is climbing a mountain or recovering from surgery, GoGirl is a convenient and independent bathroom solution.  Don’t Take Life Sitting Down.


Introducing Stand Up!

GoGirl has partnered with Stand-Up to offer you a throw-away version of GoGirl.  Stand-Up is a disposable and biodegradable “one-time-use” urination product.

Similar to GoGirl, Stand Up allows you to “Go” conveniently by standing up. Stand Up is a helpful solution for avoiding messy and non-existent bathrooms. Just toss your stand up in the garbage when finished (do not flush). Great for traveling, concerts, camping and outdoors!

Squat, Sprinkle, Spray No More with Stand Up!

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