Not only is it liberating to pee standing up, but it’s super convenient when traveling!

Backpacking through Europe or vacationing in Asia, it will be your squatting abilities vs. a hole in the ground. GoGirl let’s you pee with ease and saves your knees!

It’s compact and TSA friendly!


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Post-Op Recovery

GoGirl to the rescue! Knee surgery? Sports related injury? Torn ACL? Post-hip and back surgery or Postpartum.

GoGirl will save you a ton of pain and hassle by not having to sit down every time you need to pee!  



Camping & Music Festivals

This is the #1 reason why most of our fans love GoGirl.

Concerts, Music Festivals, Camping Trips, GoGirl is a must have product to keep with your flashlight and emergency camping gear.

You don’t need to risk exposing yourself to poison ivy. Raining? Try going in an empty water bottle in the privacy of your own tent. Problem solved!


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Unconventional Situations

It’s not uncommon to see women working in construction, law enforcement, ranch management, military & other hard labor jobs.

This doesn’t mean anything is easier, including the bathroom situation, or lack there of. 

Power through, or as we like to say, “pee through” life’s unconventional situations and everyday obstacles with GoGirl!