GoGirl is a Female Urination Device (FUD).

Yes, it’s a pee funnel!  Thanks to us, you can finally pee while standing up. 

Shh…stop laughing! Okay, you can laugh a little.



Hundreds of reasons… Let’s start with the most popular.

  • Outdoors & Recreation, Camping, Boating, Hunting.

  • Medical & Recovery: Post-Surgery, C-Section & Postpartum.

  • Traveling, Road Trips, Backpacking, Cruises .

  • Concerts, Music Festivals, Bars and Nightclubs.

  • Trans Friendly! (Check out our khaki GoGirl)

  • General Labor and Outdoor Jobs, Military and Law Enforcement.


How does it work?

It’s simple. Position, Aim, Go!

Step 1: 

Slide down your bottoms & underwear a few inches. Not enough to reveal anything to anybody.

Step 2: 

With one hand, position your GoGirl™ holding with your thumb an index finger, and press externally against your vagina (hoo ha, lady-bits, whatever…). The curved design will mold to you and your body.

Step 3:

Okay, are you ready? Double check where you are aiming your GoGirl™. Face away from any wind, aim downhill or stand directly over the toilet. (No distance contests…yet)

Ready, set…Go, Girl!


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