Best Friends Special Box
Best Friends Special Box


Best Friends Special Box

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GoGirl™ BFS(Best Friends Special) is offered in a very limited supply. Only 25 boxes available. Retail value over $100.00 your cost $60.00. You will save over 40% on this very special, one of a kind GoGirl™ custom gift box. Look at what we are offering..

(2) GoGirl™. Switch it up with colors, Pink during the day, and Camo
during the evening. Pee in fashion!
(2) GoGirl™ Travel Coolies. Match the case with the color of your
(1) Offical GoGirl™ Toilet Paper. Well, you know what this is for.
(1) Offical GoGirl™ Trucker Hat. Styling swag for your BFF.
(1) Offical GoGirl™ Hand Sanitizer. Just making sure.
(1) Official GoGirl™ Pen. Amazing one of a kind. Use TP if no paper.
(1) Offical GoGirl™ USB Port. Always running out of juice?
(1) Offical GoGirl™ Zip Pull. Large enough to grab onto.
(1) Limited Edition hand-stamped GoGirl™ gift box, with love from Team GoGirl™


Made In USA
Patented Design