All Rise.

Introducing the Stand Up, your first disposable, biodegradable, clutch-purse-fittable, pocket-slippable peeing accessory.

Now offered in NEW, convenient, Ready-to-“Go!” 3-packs for your pocket or purse.

You may be seated. But we’re willing to bet you’d rather not.

Join the Urination.

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The Golden 3 P[ee] Rule: Practice Makes Perfect, Promise!

It’s this easy to keep your distance from the mess.

Take a stand. own any space. be confidently clean.

Our Stand Up Gals are finding their feet and takin’ on the globe! Keep your distance from the mess and feel the freedom to go anytime, anywhere.

Great for Music Festivals

Camping, travel, bars, restaurants – for anywhere “you’d rather not!”

Sanitary-Easy to use!

Compact, convenient, and fashion forward.


“Ready-To-Go” 3-packs for pocket or purse.

Disposable and Biodegradable

One-time-use, throw it away! Do not flush!