93 Reasons to Use GoGirl

93 Reasons to Use GoGirl

1. Women’s Restrooms are always full and waiting sucks, try a urinal.

2. Layering toilet paper on the seat is wasteful and still gross.

3. Don’t get poison ivy on your sisterhood.

4. Camping up north? Squatting is dangerous. Bears? Wolves? Ticks?

5. Bonfire parties are feeding grounds for mosquitos, protect your bits!

6. Now you can put out fires.... naturally.

7. Go off the side of the boat instead of cutting the trip short.

8. Avoid risks by squatting (e.g. getting pee in your flip flop, tipping over, etc...)

9. Play “Sink the Cheerios” at work, with a partner or just for fun.

10. Now you can go into an empty bottle (It’s great for when you are stranded or in a tent when it’s raining).

11. Concerts.

12. Bathrooms at Bars and crowded restaurants

13. Use for first aid purposes (e.g. pee on a jelly fish sting or burn)

14. Music Festivals like Northern Invasion

15. Potty Training a dog. (Monkey see, monkey do.)

16. Biking Adventures

17. Kayaking

18. Cruises and Boating

19. Paddle Boarding

20. Band Tour Busses

21. Deep Sea Fishing

22. Stranded on the side of a road during a Snow Storm

23. Natural disaster/Hurricane Survival

24. Airplane Bathrooms

25. State Fair 2

26. To win a distance challenge or sword fight

27. Stand up, because you are too lazy to sit

28. Traveling Abroad

29. Toilets in Europe and Asia (The hole in the ground)

30. Vacationing in Mexico

31. Water Parks

32. Beaches

33. Road Trips

34. Avoid Snakes and Bugs

35. Write your name in the Snow

36. Outdoor Weddings

37. Bachelorette Parties

38. Lake Minnetonka (Big Island)

39. Porta Potties...YUCK!

40. Motorcycle Cruise

41. Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

42. Pub Crawls

43. Rural Living

44. Drinking a lot of Beer

45. Ice Fishing

46. Climbing Mt. Everest

47. Touring the Grand Canyon

48. Australia in the outback

49. Backpacking Europe

50. Water the lawn

51. Women in male dominated jobs (e.g. Construction, Utility Jobs, Mechanics)

52. Police/EMT/Fire Fighters

53. Pilots

54. Farming

55. Ranching

56. Gardening and Landscaping

57. Hockey and Football

58. Snowmobiling

59. Snow Shoeing

60. Snowboarding

61. Downhill Skiing

62. Cross Country Skiing

63. Triathlons

64. Post-Surgery (Knee, Hip, Spine)

65. Yoga Retreats

66. Maternity and Post-Partum

67. Bad back and knees, squatting is challenging.

68. Sailing

69. Military and Ladies in the Air Force

70. Peace Corps

71. US Coast Guard

72. Traveling Route 66

73. Truck Drivers/Trucking

74. Mission Trips

75. Nature Walks

76. Outdoor photography

77. Wildlife Conservations

78. Halloween

79. Wearing elaborate outfits and costumes like Katy Perry

80. Casino Bathrooms

81. Public Restrooms

82. Elderly and Nursing Homes

83. Disabled or with Limited Mobility

84. Trans Gender

85. Hunting

86. Hiking

87. Running

88. Fly Fishing

89. Bow Hunting

90. Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

91. Canoeing trips

92. Avoid germs

93. Stay hydrated and avoid holding it and getting a UTI