Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Because it’s made from Medical Grade Silicone, it can withstand wash after wash.

No, silicone is not recyclable. GoGirl™ is intended to be reused over and over again. One GoGirl™ can last a lifetime.

Soap and water works great but is optional. The antimicrobial and water resistant properties of the silicone funnel makes washing afterwards unnecessary. There will be minimal to no liquid left behind. Simply shake off or wipe any remaining liquid, roll up and place into storage container or plastic baggie.

I.E. Sara went back country skiing in the Grand Teton Mountains of Jackson Hole, WY. She used her GoGirl™ through out the day to avoid having to remove any gear and because bathrooms were non-existent. She would simply use her GoGirl™, shake any droplets of moisture off and roll back up to reuse later. She used hand sanitizer to clean her hands and kept on skiing. After her skiing trip, she gave her GoGirl™ a quick rinse with soap and water and stored in the original storage container for next time!

The plastic baggie is an additional option for storing your GoGirl™ after use.

I.ESara used her GoGirl at the State Fair inside a “porta potty”. The line was long so Sara tossed her GoGirl into the plastic baggie to quickly throw back into her purse. Later, she washed her GoGirl at home and rolled up and placed it back into the original GoGirl tube for next time!

No. It’s very much like a funnel, with an angle so the urine is directed away from your feet.

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