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2020-21 Products

Outdoor gear brands continue to innovate. Each week we'll showcase current products as well as the gear yet to be released. Since you can't stop by their booth to check out the product, reach out to the contact in each listing to get more details and place an order.

Pelvic Health
Pelvic Health Products We Love: Part One

Here at PHRC we regularly discover all sorts of new and cool products that are available for people’s pelvic health needs. I am amazed at some of the products available and that are being developed and am so thankful there are people that are creating these products because they are SOOO helpful! 

Travel Fashion Girl
9 Best Female Urination Device Options for Adventure Travelers

When spending time outdoors, or traveling to certain areas, squatting may be your only option for washroom visits. Luckily, a portable female urination device can make this task less awkward and more comfortable. TFG readers share their favorites on what to use when nature calls! 

Huff Post
You Go Girl!

I love that expression! It’s so empowering and positive. People have been saying that to me a lot lately and although it’s been about thirty five years since I could be described as a girl the expression defines my mood at the moment perfectly.

The Strategist
This Little Piece of Silicone Lets Me Pee Pretty Much Anywhere

Years ago, a fellow costume designer gave me a female urination device called GoGirl. The pale purple funnel made of medical-grade silicone, ergonomically designed to conform to your body, was intended as a gag gift to poke fun at the filthy bathroom facilities provided for us at every filming location.

Medical Xpress
How risky is using a public restroom during the COVID-19 pandemic? Minnesota experts weigh in
Explore Health
This $13 Gadget Makes It Possible to Pee Anywhere

If you don't know, now you know.

Fox in the Forest
Go Like A Pro: What’s Really Up with Pee Funnels?

Sometimes having to squat to pee in the woods is a total drag. Have you ever tried to pee in a pile of snowy fluff? In a harness? Let’s face it: no one likes to smell like pee. That’s where a pee funnel for hiking comes in. In this guide to how to use a pee funnel, we will debunk all the myths with honest, real advice.

Arizona River Runners
Using a Female Urination Device on the River

We are always looking for ways to make going to the bathroom in a wilderness setting a bit easier. It can be intimidating to pee into the river. Don’t worry though, everyone on your trip is in the same boat and it really isn’t a big deal!

The GoGirl Makes It Easy AF To Pee While Standing

Don't let a porta-potty cramp your style ever again.

This Small Device Allows Women to Pee Standing Up

For ladies who love nothing better than heading out for a weekend camping trip or jumping around in the crowd at a music festival, the prospect of using trail outhouses or unhygienic onsite facilities can often throw a damper on a pretty exciting time. Having to navigate squalid conditions or wait in seemingly endless lines puts women at a real disadvantage in terms of time and convenience. For these very reasons, the GoGirl Urination Device was created.

Page Six
How Katy Perry managed to pee at the Met Gala

Katy Perry will do anything for fashion, even if it means figuring out a new way to pee.