Ladies High School Survival Kit

Ladies High School Survival Kit

# 1 Granola Bar

Sunbelt Bakery Oats & Honey Granola Bar are my favorite on-the-go snack. They are made with whole grains and with no preservatives or high fructose corn syrup. It has that perfect amount of honey sweetness to get me through the long day of lectures and tests. Breakfast and Lunch is not enough to get that 4.0 GPA– keep your brain fed with healthy snacks throughout the day to avoid fatigue and exhaustion

# 2 Starbucks Via Instant Refreshers 

Just because you are back in school doesn’t mean that summer should be over. Try adding a Starbucks Strawberry Lemonade Refresher to your bottle of water. It tastes like sunshine and reminds me of being on the beach. Not only will it revive you and help you through the last half of the day, it will also give your immune system a boost since it’s loaded with Vitamin C. It’s a #doublewin.

# 3 Study Candy

Did you know that consuming a small candy while studying or taking a test can help your brain? According to, a shot of sugar (small amount) can restore your willpower. We don’t mean for you to go eat an entire candy bar... we are talking about having one or two small candies such as a lemon drop, a handful of skittles, or my favorite, Jolly Ranchers! Toss a few of your favorite candies in your school bag or high school survival kit--you will thank me later.

# 4 Zicam Instant Flavor Crystal Packets

The first thing you should do, the very minute you get to school, is go fill your water bottle and dump one of these Zicam packets in it. Is it just me or does it seem like cold/flu season gets worse every year? Start preparing your immune system on the first day of school, because you don’t want to get sick and miss class. It’s awful getting behind on homework or even worse, don’t risk missing out on Homecoming or HALLOWEEN because of a dumb cold. As always, with any health products, I recommend checking with your doctor first.

# 5 Band Aids

Yes, band-aids. It seems simple and kind of random since most schools allow you to go to the nurse for a band aid, but, here is why you should just throw a few in your bag. It was my first day of school and I had my cutest possible outfit on which included my brand-new pair of Steve Madden flats. Halfway to my first class I could already tell I would have blisters on my heels. Since it was the first day, I was dreading to have to be the first person to have to go to the nurse’s, I decided to suck it up and wait until lunch. During my first class, the teacher decided to do a “get-to-know-each-other” exercise and it involved walking around the classroom. Within 30 minutes the backs of my heels were raw and I could hardly concentrate on what we were supposed to be doing. If only I had brought a couple of band-aids. Now I never leave the house without them.

# 6 Tampons and Pads

I feel like this should be an automatic no-brainer thing to have on you at all time, but sometimes we forget and that is why I think it is important to keep one or two in your survival kit. Perhaps you haven’t had your time of the month yet, which is normal, but that shouldn’t mean you shouldn’t have one on you for that “just in case moment”.  Yes, most schools have a nurse’s office and most schools will provide you with a tampon or pad if you are in desperate need. But what if you are on a field trip and you don’t have your school nurse? Therefore, you must always be prepared!

# 7 GoGirl and Travel Tissues

One of my favorite things about High School is Friday night football games. Something about staying up late with friends and drinking hot cocoa under the #fridaynightlights is magical. Until you find yourself waiting in line for the porta potty that has been used by one thousand high schoolers, faculty and parents within a two-hour time frame...ick! Things get gross quickly. That is why I never leave the house anymore without my GoGirl, it is a Game Changer! I don’t have to touch anything, I just go standing up. I use a little bit of hand sanitizer and that’s that. It’s brilliant!