What’s in My Beach Bag

What’s in My Beach Bag
Hi ladies so this, is the first article on the GoGirl Blog! I hope everyone is as excited as we are to launch this. It is the middle of June and that means quite a few trips to the beach so I’ve asked around the office what everyone likes to keep in their beach bag for the summer so here is what we came up with.

Worker B Lip Balm

First thing is a lip balm because me personally, my lips are always chapped especially in the heat so I always have something on me. I’ve been loving the Worker B lip balm because of how natural the ingredients are. I personally do not like common chap sticks with a lot of chemicals. This lip balm only has 7 quality ingredients such as beeswax, organic olive oil, and organic almond oil. The scent is very faint and it applies smooth. I’m in love. I am sensitive to a lot of chemicals found in drugstore lip balms so this was a blessing to come across. They are local to Minneapolis and have one store located in the Mall of America. They also sell online and I’ll leave the link below.


Snapple/Water Bottle

It is so important to keep hydrated especially us active, on the go GoGirls ?. I adore Snapple, the peach is my favorite because I love the flavor. I have been getting into tea recently and trying to cut out coffee more because it leaves my head a little foggy. While Snapple is more of a treat for me I have also been loving brewed black tea with raw sugar and a little soy milk, (I type as I sip my third English Breakfasts Tea). If you have any suggestions for me to try please leave a comment. Lately I’ve seen one of my coworkers carrying around a giant mason jar filled with water and lemon slices. She says the lemon rejuvenates her and adds a great flavor, as well as drinking water in something different than the average cup makes it a bit more fun. I decided to hop on the Swell water bottle trend and I can happily say I love it! Mine is a fun hot pink and it keeps my water super cold and my teas warm. I can admit I am not the best at staying hydrated but these ideas have been helping me a huge amount.


While I like my tan, I do not want to damage my skin or have to deal with a nasty burn so I do like to use sunscreen along with my coconut oil. A sunscreen I like is the Sun Bum SPF 30 sunscreen. The ingredients are more natural then competing brands and I also adore the banana scent, I think it’s fun. It also doesn’t leave a gross sticky feeling on me or irritates my sensitive skin, it’s a double win!


I feel this is always initially forgotten but then greatly needed/wanted later. It’s hot out and I sweat, a lot. Then I smell, hey I’m human and I like to be honest. That’s why I bring Deodorant with me. I do like to use natural deodorant for a few reasons. One, I have sensitive skin and constant summer shaving makes it worse so I like to use a gentle less chemically deodorant on them. I also get sensitivity to fragrances and I find natural deodorant uses more natural scents so my pits and head are happy. Also, I recently found out how bad aluminon is for the human body, and it is almost always used in popular brands like Dove or Old Spice to name a few. I will leave some links to some of my favorites and other one’s that I’ve heard great things about.



It’s summer and I love to look cute while being comfortable, I’m sure you agree with me. So, I had to include some of my favorites for Summer ’17.

I have always been a fan of Birkenstocks, I’ve been wearing them for almost 8 years? Or since 5th grade, it’s been a long time and I’m still as obsessed as I was the first day I got a pair. Along with sensitive feet, I need good arch support, so while I wish I could wear the super cute strappy but flat sandals, my feet disagree strongly. Luckily, the Birks compliment my style nicely. Of course, they are a bit of a splurge and not the cutest (I personally disagree with that but it’s what I’ve been told) so if you’re lucky enough to not have feet like mine, I recommend some super cute, colorful, and strappy sandals.

A summer, technically all year around, but mainly summer must have is sunglasses! Of course, if you like having the sun shine in your eyes to each their own, but I need to see when driving or in general. This year I’ve been obsessing over colorful sunglasses that you can see the eyes through. So cute! You also don’t need to spend a lot on sunglasses either because they’re easy to break/loose. Before buying just double check that they have sun protection in them and fit well, ill-fitting sunglasses are the worst and most annoying thing.

Okay, I know food isn’t an accessory but I think it’s pretty, and it is how we fuel our body. My absolute favorite is fruit! Lately I’ve been loving all melons. They are just so hydrating and delicious. Strawberries are another favorite of mine, along with blueberries. They’re so good for you plus have many antioxidants and will make you glow inside and out. Vegetables with some type of dip makes a great snack, I like to dip carrots and celery into dips like hummus or bean dips. A underrated food is fish. Fish is so amazing for you and if you’re lucky enough to know a fisherman who also likes to cook their catch I am so jealous of you. I like fish all types of ways, baked, fried, grilled, raw (sushi), and many other ways. The fatty amino acids in fish are so good for the skin as well as the protein is necessary for the body to function.


Saving the best for last, a GoGirl is a must have for summer. From gross wet pool locker rooms, to camping in remote areas, to road trips, there are a lot of times when finding a restroom is significantly more difficult than normal. The GoGirl is smaller than the average iPhone making it super storable and ready for on the go. We get asked a lot, “Is it safe if I can’t wash it after a use?”, the answer is yes. You can go days without washing because it is made out of a special silicone material. When you get back from your adventure you can throw it in the dishwasher. My recommendations if you’re someone who doesn’t want to wait to clean it is to keep cleaning wipes and wipe it down after each use or if there’s access to rinse it with water. Happy Summer ladies!