Made In USA
Patented Design

Working in construction and having to pee is miserable. Peeing into a bottle is now a possibility thanks to my GoGirl! Also, it’s a Mardi Gras must have.


I wish I had bought this years ago! I live and play in a city hike, cycle and this is so easy, clean, and fast! I now have the same freedom hiking city parks as the boys/men. I hike a lot in a Utilikit and I give this 10 stars in easy, no hassle relief.

I do love this. It’s easy to use and makes me feel much less hesitant to drink all the water I want when going out hiking or camping.

I’ve been to Burning Man for the last 10 years. This is a MUST in my book for any woman at the burn. I bring it camping too.

I bought a GoGirl recently for a camping trip and it was awesome. Despite not being able to get a trial run in before using it in the woods, I didn’t have any issues. It is very easy and very convenient to use! I am keeping mine in my bag I carry with me for whenever I may need it in the future! I definitely recommend getting one.