Using GoGirl after COVID-19

Using GoGirl after COVID-19

Men have life easier in a number of ways, especially when it comes to bathroom breaks. No hovering or seat covering needed for most of their restroom visits. During this time, it can feel stressful to use a public washroom for fear of contamination and germs. It can also mean that bathroom breaks are few and far in between as businesses are closed or have closed their bathrooms to customers. While it is the right move to protect their employees, and the public, it can be hard for those with small bladders. If an outing isn’t planned perfectly right, or that water bottle you always keep with you ended up empty before you hit the store, you may be looking for a bathroom sooner than you anticipated, but finding no relief. 

While there is a very low probability of you contracting the corona virus from a toilet seat, it’s still a scary and uncertain world out there and anything that makes you feel more comfortable and helps ease anxiety is good. We have heard it many times throughout these last few months: practicing good hygiene and always, ALWAYS washing your hands after using the washroom and often throughout the day can help keep the virus at bay. 

The GoGirl is a no-touch solution that allows you to stay off those iffy toilet seats that you have been wondering about. Like those that are found in most gas station restrooms. Instead of laying down a thick layer of toilet paper to protect you from the toilet seat, you can use a simple device that will let you not even touch the surface. And, we all know how precious toilet paper is right now, so we do not want to have to waste it!

The GoGirl can be bought in a handy pack that comes with hand sanitizer or toilet paper that will not ruin any septic service you may be on if you’re at a cabin or camping. Everyone is worried about the toilet paper situation right now and most are being diligent about staying clean, so always having both options with you can help ease your worries. No one likes to finish in the bathroom only to see one square of toilet paper or none at all. Worse yet if there’s no soap in the washroom. What were annoyances, big to some, small to others, now reads like a complete nightmare.

Keep a fully stocked package of hand sanitizer and travel toilet paper, plus your GoGirl, in your car for long road trips or as a back-up when you leave your house and don’t have a choice in using a washroom, or using a clean washroom. 

This awesome product is helpful in more than just lack of bathrooms or camping and sanitation worries. Think back to your wedding day or a certain night out where your dress made it hard to go to the bathroom, resulting in an awkward undressing. How much easier would it have been to use something that would have kept you dressed and let you use the restroom at the same time?! 

The GoGirl can be packed away for camping trips and is perfect for festivals. Busy line-ups at smelly porta potties can be banished. Instead of squatting in a bush, worried that you’ll end up peeing on your hiking books, the GoGirl can help you stay upright and out of any splash zone, as long as you stand away from the wind, of course. 

It sounds pretty awesome and useful, but what about the functionality of it? Is it hard to use? Uncomfortable? Impossible to store? We have combed through the website to find you the answers you’ll be asking:

What’s it made from?

The GoGirl is made from medical grade silicone so it’s comfortable, moisture resistant, and can be reused again and again without worry about it breaking down. 

But, what about any leaks?

Leaking while using the product is not going to make you feel great; it is going to make you feel dirty and embarrassed. And, that is not why you bought GoGirl in the first place. The product has been designed so that leakage should not occur if used properly, and the technique can be quickly perfected in the shower.  

Okay. So, how do you actually use the thing?

The website has a handy instruction guide with diagrams that can help you get acquainted with your GoGirl and make sure you’re using it right. 

Not everyone is going to feel comfortable using the GoGirl the first time, and not everyone is going to be good at using it the first time. Things take practice, and this is no different. Practice with it in your washroom until you feel confident using it in a public washroom or on a camping trip where you don’t have the option of washing up or setting it down anywhere. Once you feel confident in your use, now is the time to bring it with you on that next camping trip or to have it tucked in your car or purse when you head out of the house.
Press the GoGirl against your body be using your thumb and middle finger to hold it in place. Your thumb should be at the top (the shorter end) and your middle finger should be at the longer end; the device should conform to your body. Make sure you are putting some pressure on the GoGirl and not keeping it loose. And, away you go!

How do you keep it clean?

So, you have used your GoGirl, but now what do you do with it? What if you need to use it, again, but you are out and about? There are a couple of ways you can keep your device clean, depending on your scenario.

If you are using it in a washroom, you can rinse it with water and mild soap and then place the GoGirl in a bag that won’t get contaminated with bacteria. If there is no water available, you can shake it off to get any lingering moisture out of it and then place it in a storage bag that won’t allow it to contaminate other products. Remember to use hand sanitizer if soap and water is not available.

For storage purposes, you can purchase what they call a Coolie to store your GoGirl in, small enough so you can keep it on you, readily accessible when you’re out and have no washroom option or if you’re camping and would rather not step into that questionable outhouse. Convenient for whenever the need arises. You can even throw the entire Coolie and GoGirl in the washing machine when you get home but be sure to leave them out of the dryer.